Creative Children’s Entertainment Ideas That Will Surprise Your Kids

Whether you are planning a road trip and want to include some stops to keep your kids entertained and stimulated, or if you are just looking for activities for them to do while they are out of school, you may be fresh out of ideas. Here are some creative children’s entertainment ideas that are bound to surprise both you and your kids.

Household Item Olympics

Believe it or not, you can likely entertain your kids for days at a time without leaving the home and using only inexpensive household items. If you have ever seen the show ‘Minute to Win It’ then you have caught a glimpse of the many different games that can be invented using ordinary objects.

Consider challenging your kids to a race where each participant places a cookie on their forehead, and using their facial muscles alone, must move the cookie to their mouth. Or, tape plastic cups to an edge of the table, and have them use cardboard paper towel inserts only to blow ping-pong balls into the cups. With a little imagination, there are tons of games that you can come up with. Challenge your kids to invent some games of their very own!


No matter what your child’s interests, a day at the museums can be a fascinating and entertaining way to keep them busy for a few hours. If you have younger children you may want to opt for museums that have more interactive exhibits. Many cities have exploratory science museums with a variety of exhibits bound to delight all ages and interests.

Mad Scientist Themed Party

After your trip to the museum you may have plenty of ideas and be inspired to invite some of your children’s friends or the neighborhood kids over for a science themed party. The chemical reaction of baking soda and vinegar, or Mentos candy and dark soda can provide tons of entertainment for kids.

The Library

A weekly trip to the library is a great investment for both parents and children. For children, this establishment provides hours of exploration, entertainment, and education. For parents, you get the kids out of the house for a little while, and they bring home books and even DVDs that might even keep them quiet and occupied for a few more hours, and all for the cost of a library card.

Historic Re-Enactments

For fun and education that will delight the whole family, consider a historically based dinner theater restaurant. Your children will get to see the dress and customs of a bygone era, and get the feel like they are truly living in Renaissance times. Many such theaters also offer a variety of exhibits on medieval warfare, weapons, and armor that are bound to delight the young boys in the family. After a trip to a live jousting exhibit with dinner, your kids are bound to be full, tired, and quiet on the way home.

Sword Fighting, Castles, and Other Cool Things About Medieval Entertainment

What would you do without your television, your phone, the internet, or any of the modern-day sources of Entertainment? The lives of the majority of the people in the world now seem to revolve around technology of many different types. We require technology to work, live, and even play. How did people entertain themselves with no technology? How about with no electricity for that matter? This is an interesting question, the answers to which may surprise you.

At first glance it may seem to many that the middle ages must have been crushingly, and devastatingly boring. While the middle ages were rough times for humanity, they were not without their own forms of entertainment. These forms of entertainment varied greatly based on your social standing. For example, the wealthy could throw balls, banquets, and feasts on a regular basis to stave away the boredom, while the lower class families had fairs, games, and other sports that they played amongst themselves. Animals were a great source of entertainment in those days, and many games and fairs included dogs, bears and even monkeys.

Holidays were also great events to be prepared for and looked forward to, as they gave a reason to break up the monotony of everyday life with a cause to celebrate. There were so many holidays in those times that it equaled around eight weeks a year in which no one was required to work. In addition to holidays, there were harvests and other festivals based upon the time of year that would provide many days and nights of celebration, games, and merry-making.

One of the chief sources of entertainment for all class ranges involved weaponry, sword fighting, archery, and jousting. The sport of jousting began as armies would practice their strategy and fighting skills in pretend combat scenarios. These were life-like battle scenes that attracted the attention of many spectators, and evolved into the most extremely popular sporting event of its time. Here, knights and swordsmen would show off their skills, and woo the presumably bloodthirsty crowd.

This sport has some similarities with Gladiatorial combat in Roman times. In fact, the word “gladiator” has the same meaning as the word “swordsman”, from the Latin word “gladius” meaning “sword”. However, the benefit and boon of participating in jousting and sword fighting competitions in medieval times was that of honor, valor, respect, and often money.

The art of swordplay and sword fighting has not lost its entertaining edge even in modern times. This is thanks in part to Hollywood movies with pirates, knights, elves, and other romanticized historical or fantasy themed films. There is something primal, and satisfying about seeing two adversaries face off and clash swords, it sparks a feeling of adventure, danger, and glory across almost any age.

In medieval times, the abundance of violence, death, plague, famine, and a whole host of other horrible things were considered part of normal, everyday life. The entertainment for that time was a much needed relief, whether it was watching an expert sword match, celebrating a bountiful harvest, or seeing a play at the theater, entertainment back then was just as important as it is now, if not more.

How To Keep Your Wedding Guests Entertained

Once you have booked your ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening reception you will have an approximate timetable of events for your ‘big day’ into which you now need to hire some wedding entertainment at various points in the day.

The amount of wedding entertainment you need will depend upon your timetable and whether you have any large gaps in proceedings where your guests will be hanging around and where some entertainment will help to keep them happy. If your ceremony is quite early (ie late morning / lunchtime) then you may have a break for a while before your wedding breakfast takes place, particularly if you are having a photo session at this point. This is where some couples choose to hire a string quartet, harpist or solo swing swinger to keep guests occupied while they are waiting.

Another potential gap in proceedings is between the wedding breakfast and the evening reception, especially if the wedding breakfast is relatively early in the afternoon. Also, most venues require around an hour or more to clear the room after the wedding breakfast and so providing some entertainment in another part of the venue is a good idea. If you have already engaged someone to entertain earlier in the day then it might be sensible to ask the same swing vocalist or harpist to fill this gap too, as this will save on the cost of hiring two separate entertainers.

Finally, you need wedding entertainment for your evening reception and a professional wedding singer or wedding band should offer you various quotes, based on the amount of their start / finish times and the amount of time that they will play for. Depending on your scheduled time to finish your wedding breakfast, be sure to allow extra time for speeches and for the venue to clear the room before asking your wedding band to arrive, as they will be charging you for ‘waiting time’ if they arrive before they can start to set up. Always check with your wedding singer or wedding band about the length of ‘set up’ time that they require, and then you will have an idea as to when they can start playing and also helps you to know if you need entertainment in another room whilst they are still setting up.

Remember, long gaps in the wedding procedure can be quite tedious for guests, especially in inclement weather and so by adding entertainment through the day, you will be sure to keep everyone occupied and happy.